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It takes whole-person strategy to create your own best career path. You’re an individual and an actor, an artist and a professional. That’s why we designed ActorIndex to support you in many different ways.

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We’re serious about bringing the tools and strategies of technology to the arts and entertainment industries. But don’t worry, we’re artists, which means we know that it’s all for nothing without your unique voice and inspiration.

So, what’s our style? It’s the actor’s style first and foremost.

Here’s the thing: our whole community benefits when individual creatives have the support they need to bring their talents and passions to the forefront. We want to help you align your personal vision with your career strategy and put yourself out there with the strongest possible representations of your work.

It all started with a Producer, a Casting Director, a Tech Entrepreneur, and a modest little idea to give actors the upper hand in defining their own careers.

One day Stephanie, our Casting Director, was lamenting the fact that so many of you still don’t have a website—and that most actors who do use templates that aren’t designed to meet the needs of the decision makers who want to hire you.

As frustrating as this can be for us, we realized that it was a bigger problem for actors. After all, you were the ones missing out on opportunities just because nobody had created an easy, affordable, industry-specific solution to the online branding problem.

So, we built one. Simple enough, right?

Sure, but…while a great looking and highly functional actor website can take you a long way, success in the industry is about more than just how you present yourself online. It’s also about constantly honing your craft as well as your career strategy, and having access to the resources, information, and support you need to choose the path that’s right for you.

There’s no single solution, no one proven path to a fulfilling career in the performing arts.

Our mission is to help early-career actors establish themselves authentically and professionally so they can set and achieve the goals that are most meaningful to them. That’s why we’ve created a membership platform that offers web-based tools and resources to support the whole actor—inside and out.

We don’t want to tell you where you’re going or how to get there; we want to help you choose your own destination and empower you to identify the best route for you. That’s what ActorIndex is all about.

Aside from our shared love for this industry in all its many forms, one thing that unites us is a collective drive to help actors shape the narratives of their own careers.

There’s a lot of expertise to work with around here. Our founders, employees, and collaborators come from several areas of the entertainment industry and include Producers and Casting Directors, professional Acting and Music Coaches, Designers, Technology Specialists, and a film production team. Our creative work spans film, TV, Broadway and regional theatre, commercials, web content, graphic design, music production, and voiceover.

We’re all here in service to you and your career, to help you make intuitive, strategic choices so you can know yourself better as an artist and set yourself on a professional path that’s uniquely suited to reaching your goals.

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