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Yes! Our team will make it simple by helping you every step of the way. Email to begin this process.

How are ActorIndex websites customized for artists?

ActorIndex is the love child of a Producer, a Casting Director, and a (non-evil) Tech Genius with a self-serving mission to make it as easy as possible for you to give us exactly what we’re looking for. We’ve tailored the templates specifically to present any actor at their best. That’s what you want, right? I’ll answer for you: Yes. Yes, it is.

How many photos can I upload?

You can upload as many photos as you’d like. We offer several “Gallery” options on your photos page and there are page layouts with photo options for almost every page on your site, so you can display your images however they represent your work best!

How do I get media onto my website?

Our Sites are actually super easy to use. Simply link videos that are currently uploaded to the following platforms: Youtube, Vimeo, Wistia, and Soundcloud. If you don’t have any media, don’t worry—book a session with The Studio @ ActorIndex to get some camera time!

Can I link my social media to the website?

Yes! You can link your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, IMDB, Backstage, and Actors Access pages from the footer area in the website editor. You can adjust your social media settings here, too, to determine how your website information and image appears when linked on social media sites.

Are the templates completely customizable?

While some elements of our templates are fixed, you can easily adjust Page Layouts, Page Organization, Fonts, and even the Color Palette, which allows the use of hex codes for complete color customization.


How many sessions can I book?

Studio and All-Access members may book up to 10 sessions per month (standard or coached) at no charge. Core members and non-members alike may book as many sessions as they need at the per session rate.

My membership includes access to The Studio. Can I book additional time?

Of course! If you require additional sessions beyond your 10 sessions in a single month, you may purchase additional sessions at a discounted rate. Please contact  for rates and to book additional sessions.

*Please note that unused membership-included studio sessions do not roll over from month to month.

Do I have to bring my camera?

The Studio @ ActorIndex comes equipped with an HD Camera and professional lighting and sound equipment.

Do I have to run the equipment myself?

Absolutely not! One of our Studio team members will focus, film, and edit for you! Just come prepared to be on camera and we’ll handle the rest.

Do you provide a reader?

We sure do. Every filming session on our calendar includes a professional reader.

What if I want to bring my own reader—is that allowed?

We want to make sure you are as comfortable as possible and shoot the best footage you can. If that means bringing in a personal reader, bring ‘em! We just ask that you note this at the time of booking so we may release our own reader from your session.

Who are your on-site actor coaches?

Our roster of actor coaches include professional television, film, and stage actors, Directors, Producers, and Casting Directors. Check out our current list of actor coaches here to see who will be in the room with you.

Can I choose my acting coach?

Our acting coaches are all working professionals in the industry, with busy and often complicated schedules. As such, while you can always request a specific coach, we can’t promise that they’ll be available for your studio session. Not to worry, though! All of our coaches are dedicated to getting you the take you need to book the job.

My scene/audition is in a different language. Can you accommodate that?

We will happily film a scene in any language at all, but we do ask that you bring your own reader if you’re not working in English.

How many scenes should I have prepared?

You’ll have 30 minutes in the room with us. We recommend you prepare no more than three sides per session. If you are working on an audition submission that requires more than three sides, please book an additional session.

Do you shoot musical theatre?

Our Studio is best equipped for filming monologues and scenes. We do not offer musical theatre filming at this time—but when we do, you’ll be the first to know!

Can I purchase extra edits?

Each session in the Studio includes one edited clip. This may include a series of different sides required for a submission edited into one seamless upload. Additional edits are $15 each.


How does billing work?

We offer both yearly and monthly membership plans at each level. Members on a yearly plan will pay one time at registration and will not pay again until one year after activation, or when you upgrade your membership plan. For monthly subscriptions, you will be billed each monthly cycle starting on the day your membership began.

Does my membership renew automatically?

Yes. Members on a monthly plan will be charged automatically to their card on file each month on the day your membership began. Members on a yearly plan will renew automatically one year after your membership began.

Does my custom domain renew automatically?

Yes. Custom .com domains automatically renew at $25/year and custom .actor domains renew at $75/year one year after purchase.

Are there any benefits to the various membership plans?

Yearly memberships do offer a generous discount over a monthly plan. Check out this side-by-side comparison of our three membership levels and payment options.

Can I change or upgrade my membership plan?

Sure! If you’d like to change your billing cycle or want to update your membership level, simply contact our team at

What happens if I need to cancel my filming session with the Studio?

We completely understand that emergencies happen and things come up at the last minute. Please contact us if you need to cancel your session

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