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Every One of Our Tools & Resources + One-on-One Support

One thing in this industry is certain: no two actors—and no two careers—can ever be alike.

We designed our All-Access membership to offer all the resources you need, including one-on-one support to help you identify and navigate the professional path that's right for you.

All-Access Membership Includes:

  • Annual Career Consultation - Dig deep to align your goals and authentic, artistic vision in a strategic plan complete with steps you can start taking right now.
  • Actor Coach Pro - Get on-demand coaching from industry mentors with our exclusive, text-based messaging platform for All-Access members only. Four complimentary conversations per month.
  • The Studio @ ActorIndex 2x/Month - Self-tape auditions, video for your website, or just for on-camera practice. Plus, get actor coaching for FREE!
  • ActorIndex Masterclasses - Our ongoing, members-only video series featuring career-enhancing instruction from the best in the industry.
  • Exclusive Member Content - Career advice, interviews, recommendations, online resources, and more!
  • Website Builder & Hosting - Your professional actor website with choice of templates designed by industry pros.
  • Audition Journal - Log your auditions and appointments, organize the contacts you make, and track the factors that contribute to your success and challenges alike.
  • Full Technical Support

All for just $49.99/month!

We’re dedicated to seeing you through your goals, and to supporting you in creating new milestones as you progress along your career path.

Career Consultations at ActorIndex

Lay your career foundation and and stay on track with your creative vision in this in-depth strategy session.

Work side by side with Casting Director Stephanie Yankwitt and Margaret Dunn of TBD Casting, who bring valuable insights and industry resources to this annual, 45-minute Career Consultation.

In Your Session, We'll:

  • Review your current headshot and résumé, as well as website and current footage/reel (if available);
  • Guide you through the process of identifying your most intuitive and rewarding career path based on your individual goals;
  • Facilitate the creation of immediately actionable next steps toward achieving short-term goals;
  • Pinpoint specific industry figures, studios, and organizations that will best align with your career path;
  • Provide character explorations and sides through work with our in-house Type & Materials Coordinator.

Want more frequent support?

All members are welcome to book additional consultations at the per-session rate.

True success as an actor depends on staying true to your authentic self—as an artist and as a human being. Why accept cookie-cutter advice when you can have personalized support from the best in the industry?

Actor Coach Pro

Your on-call consultant for career-related questions—from audition prep, material selection, and post-audition questions to bigger decisions that can influence your professional life for years to come.

Get on-demand, text-based support when you need it. Log into our secure messaging system and your questions are as good as answered!

Actor Coach Pro Includes:

  • Four text conversations per month with one of our mentors;
  • Identify a concrete next step based on your specific needs;
  • Mentors on staff Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. - 7 p.m. EST;

Our mentors have the experience and industry knowledge to help you take well-informed next steps and provide you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that someone is always in your corner.

Need more than 4 conversations per month?

Just ask! We're always here for our All-Access members at the per-convo rate.

Our Coaches Are Online:

Monday through Friday*
9:00am - 7:00pm
*Excluding major holidays

Messages sent outside of online hours will receive a response at the start of the next business day.

Easy Transcripts

Want a copy of your conversation transcript? Just follow the prompt after you’re done messaging with your coach and enter the email address of your choice.

Not sure if All-Access Membership is right for you? Click here to schedule a complimentary Membership Consultation with our Director!

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